YouTube Gets A Built-In GIF Creator



Remember back in November of last year, when I wrote that YouTube needed to build their own tool for making GIFs from videos? Some called me crazy. Many, however, agreed completely.

It seems YouTube agreed, too. YouTube is now quietly rolling out its own GIF maker.

It doesn’t seem to be enabled on all videos just yet, but it’s definitely there for some. Take, for example, pretty much any video from PBS’ Idea Channel (as spotted first by Andy Baio). Click to one of their videos, hit the share button, and GIF away.

GIF creation through the tool is quite simple: tap the share button, set your start/end points, set any captions you might want, and create away. The tool is SUPER fast, and YouTube hosts the GIFs themselves.

The final look of the tool isn’t too unlike the mockup I did back with that first post

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Awkward Transition Period During a Pivot

David Cummings on Startups

We’re going through a small pivot right now and it helped me realize that pivots result in an awkward transition period. Internally, we know the direction to go, yet we still have a number of responsibilities and relationships that we need to continue to honor, making progress more difficult. Balancing new and old is a challenge.

Here are a few thoughts on the awkward transition during a pivot:

  • Start selling the new vision right away even if the product isn’t going to be ready for some period of time
  • Set internal expectations that it will be extra difficult for a period of time before results materialize
  • Transition the marketing collateral to the new messaging as quickly as possible
  • Make a plan to transition the customers that are no longer a good fit
  • Educate partners on the new direction and set the appropriate guidance

Pivots are painful, especially when there’s the start of a…

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