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I inherited a Galaxy Mini model GT-i5503t. It comes with Android 2.1 which is getting a bit old and unsupported, it is more than capable of running 2.3 and isn’t too hard to upgrade. This phone is also called the Galaxy 5 which is the same as the i5500 and i5508. These are the steps that worked for me to install CyanogenMod 7. Unfortunately you need to use a proprietary tool to flash a new Baseband image and ClockWorkMod to start with, but you can update to future CM versions without it. I’m not an expert in this so I’d recommend you redirect any questions to the XDA forums

Required files
(Google for download links)


  1. Remove the SIM from the phone. Backup any data on the SD card, wipe it and copy the following files on to it:

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