What’s your least favorite vegetable?

i eat all vegetables.. to me they are ALL equally good, the taste definitely depends on your preparation and the sauces/condiments you use, everything’s delicious in the right hands

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How would you respond to Vivica Fox’s final question to Shamcey Supsup>> "Are you willing to change your religion just to marry the one you love?

NO, religion is about my relationship with God, marriage is my relationship with my spouse, if i will change religion for my marriage and not because of my Love of God, that is intellectual dishonesty, a spiritual prostitution that is unacceptable
besides, my future spouse would never propose to me that i change religion, it something personal and spiritual, sacred, and best left to my own conscience, anyone who would impose their own moral standards ever me i would not even consider a friend, more so a spouse

you can ask me anything