We need to face facts: WebOS is dead. Barring the unwavering support of the enthusiast community, the former mobile OS will never become a commercial product and, LG investment or no, the possibility of WebOS surviving a sale is nil.

WebOS is no more, has ceased to be, is bereft of life, and it rests in peace. It is an ex-OS.

HP is going through the same doldrums all PC makers are facing. Had they put a modicum of energy into updating the TouchPad and the WebOS mobile line, they probably could have made it out of the horse latitudes of the downturn, but as it stands they jettisoned an amazing amount of valuable cargo, including support for the WebOS team. What LG is supposedly buying is a ready-made stack for their smart TV offerings and not a real OS. What HP is selling is dead weight.

TV operating…

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