Inside Microsoft’s New Platform And Services Strategy


During the week before Microsoft’s Build developer conference, I spoke to the company’s Steve Guggenheimer (Guggs), corporate vice president in charge of evangelism, and Kevin Gallo, director of the company’s developer ecosystem. We discussed Microsoft’s changing views on the technology market, and specifically its place in it — topics that are quite interesting from a post-Build perspective.

My separate discussions with each revolved around a few specific, and unsurprising topics: How Microsoft is bringing its platforms together, how that work impacts developers, and the context behind the company’s decision to extend its tools and services to all platforms.

(Author’s note: I’ve edited a few quotes lightly for length and clarity.)

Platform Convergence

At Build Microsoft discussed API harmony between Windows and Windows Phone, noting that it had now reached around 90% parity between the two. This ties into its new universal app category that will spread across phones and more traditional Windows devices…

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